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About Us

Algofox is India’s most promising algo trading platform for retail traders and investors in India. Made with a simple vision of making algo trading accessible to every trader/investor at a very economical price. The platform aims at providing retail traders with speed and precision in order placement across various platforms and brokers and making their trading/investing journey more smoother and profitable.

Our Mission

To provide fast and reliable trading platforms that seamlessly connect with your desired broker and help you place trades systematically. We want to empower every retail trader with the power of algorithms and automation to make their trading journey smoother and profitable.

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Ultrafast Order Execution

Trades are securely executed in fractions of seconds

Connect With Any Broker

9+ Brokers to automate your Trade

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The Entire Platform is Web based and hence you don’t spend money on Cloud/VPS

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100+ Users are loving our strategy on market place.
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I had no Idea about algotrading, I just joined the webinar and was amazed to know that Indian market also has such amazing technology integrated and we can automate our trades and become profitable.

Vipul Jain

This webinar was amazing, for a person like me who wants to invest but has no time due to my Job, this platform is an amazing way I can still trade and invest as per my wish without watching the markets actually.

Tajjunisa Begum

After attending the webinar, I have learnt a new and unique way of trading that won't let my emotions ruin the trades. Loved the concept. A must attend for anyone who wants to do algotrading.


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Meet the makers

Hasmukh Prajapati CEO-FOUNDER of SecureTrades
CO-FOUNDER of Algoworld
CO-FOUNDER of Algofox

Pankaj Developer

Kushal Jain CEO-FOUNDER of Purpletrades
CO-FOUNDER of Algoworld
CO-FOUNDER of Algofox